Welcome to dearbattery.co.uk, a professional manufacturer & online retailer of brand new laptop batteries and ac adapters with a wide selection of models compatible with major laptop brands such as DELL, HP, APPLE, SONY, ASUS, LENOVO, TOSHIBA AND SO ON. Hot laptop batteries: Acer Extensa 7620G Battery, Acer TravelMate 5730 Battery, Acer TravelMate 5730G Battery, Acer TravelMate 6592 Battery, Acer TravelMate 6592G Battery, Acer Aspire 5310 Battery, Acer Aspire 5535 Battery, Acer Aspire 5710 Battery, Acer Aspire 5715Z Battery, Acer Aspire 5720 Battery, Acer Aspire 5720G Battery, Acer Aspire 5730 Battery, Acer Aspire 5730Z Battery, Acer Aspire 5735Z Battery, Acer Aspire 5920 Battery, Acer Aspire 5920G Battery, Acer Aspire 5930 Battery, Acer Aspire 5930G Battery, Acer Aspire 6530 Battery, Acer Aspire 6530G Battery, Acer Aspire 6920G Battery, Acer Aspire 6930 Battery, Acer Aspire 6930G Battery, Acer Aspire 7535 Battery, Acer Aspire 7730G Battery, Acer Aspire 2920 Battery, Acer Aspire 3620 Battery, Acer TravelMate 6292 Battery, Acer TravelMate 6293 Battery, Acer TravelMate 6492 Battery, Acer TravelMate 6593 Battery, Acer Aspire 1620 Battery, Acer TravelMate 240 Battery, Acer Aspire 9300 Battery, Acer Aspire 9410Z Battery, Acer Aspire 9420 Battery, Acer TravelMate 4220 Battery, Acer Aspire 3020 Battery, Acer Aspire 3610 Battery, Acer TravelMate 2410 Battery, Acer Aspire 2010 Battery, Acer TravelMate 290 Battery, Acer Aspire 1413 Battery, Acer Aspire 1650 Battery, Acer Aspire 1690 Battery, Acer Aspire 3000 Battery, Acer Aspire 3500 Battery, Acer TravelMate 4060 Battery, Acer Aspire 1410 Battery, Acer Aspire 1810TZ Battery, Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T Battery, Acer Aspire Timeline AS1410 Battery, Acer Ferrari One Battery, Acer TravelMate 2480 Battery, Acer Ferrari 1000 Battery, Acer TravelMate Timeline 8371 Battery, Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T Battery, Acer Aspire 5610 Battery, Acer Aspire 5630 Battery, Acer Aspire 9800 Battery, Acer Aspire 9810 Battery, Acer TravelMate 2490 Battery, Acer TravelMate 5210 Battery, Acer Aspire 3690 Battery, Acer Aspire 5100 Battery, Acer Aspire 5612WLMi Battery, ACER Aspire 8943G Battery, Acer AL10A31 Battery, Acer TravelMate 8372 Battery, Acer Iconia Tab W500 Battery, Acer Iconia Tab A100 Battery, Acer AS11A3E Battery, Acer UM08A51 Battery, Acer UM08A71 Battery, Acer AO532h-2Db Battery, ACER UM09B73 Battery, ACER UM09B7D Battery, Acer AS10D31 Battery, Acer AS10D51 Battery, Acer AS10D75 Battery, Acer as10d5e Battery, Acer AS10B31 Battery, Acer AS07A31 Battery, Acer AS07A75 Battery, Acer AS09A61 Battery, Acer AS07B41 Battery, Acer GARDA31 Battery, Acer BTP-AHD1 Battery, Acer BTP-AID1 Battery, Acer BATCL50L Battery, Acer UM09E70 Battery, Acer UM09E71 Battery, Acer UM09E56 Battery, ACER Aspire S7 Battery, ACER Aspire V3 Battery, Acer AP11B7H Battery, Apple 13 inch MacBook Air Battery, Apple Macbook Air 13 inch Battery, Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch Battery, Apple MacBook Pro 17inch Battery, Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Battery, Apple MacBook 13 inch Battery, Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Battery, Apple PowerBook G4 15inch Battery, Apple PowerBook G4 15inch Titanium Battery

Return & Refund Policy

You may return laptop batteries sold by dearbattery.co.uk within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement. After the initial 30 days, most laptop batteries are still covered for replacement for up to 1 years for manufacturing defects but no refunds can be issued. Please read below for details.


All returns must be accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, authorized by our Customer Service, in order to be accepted. Getting a RMA is very simple. The easiest and the fastest way is to e-mail your request to us. Please include your order number and contact information in this e-mail. We will respond to your e-mail with a RMA number. Upon receiving the RMA number, you can then follow the RMA procedure explained in the e-mail and below to return the merchandise.


If you are returning the product due to a technical issue, please contact us and we can attempt a few quick troubleshooting tips before proceeding with the return process. Often, the problem you are facing may be rectified by trying a few proven methods.


Our failure rates are among the lowest in the industry, and we have dedicated ourselves to supply only top quality laptop batteries. Still, we do realize that, rare as it is, you may have received a defective product. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience; please follow our simple process below and we will make it right.


RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Procedure


• All returned products must have an authorized RMA number for processing; we will not accept returns without it. The fastest way of getting a RMA is to e-mail your request to us. Please include your order number and contact information in the e-mail. We will respond to your e-mail with a RMA number.
• Please note that RMA numbers last for 10 business days only and they expire if not used within this time period; we therefore advise you to send the returns back to us at your earliest convenience.
• Once you have a RMA number, pack the return merchandise securely to ensure safe return of the package.
• Please write the RMA number you received earlier on the exterior of the package you are shipping.
• When sending the package back to us, it is highly recommended to ask for delivery confirmation if you are using USPS. Other major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL/Airborne Express will provide tracking numbers for your shipment. We will not be held responsible for lost return packages. All returns must be prepaid; we do not cover shipping charges.
• Your replacements or exchange items will be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of the return package. If the item you are requesting replacement of is on back-order, we will provide you with an e-mail estimating when we anticipate shipping the replacement items. Refunds will be issued within 10 business days in the same form of payment.

Money-Back Guarantee: All of our laptop batteries carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our laptop batteries, for any reason, follow the return procedure above for a refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase.


If you purchase multiple laptop batteries, please try only one set at a time to determine whether you are satisfied before opening the rest. After the first set, only unopened products, in original packaging qualify for a refund.


Defective Products: Our manufacturer's guarantee covers defective products for replacement up to 1 years of the original purchase. However, we cannot offer a replacement in the following cases:


• The laptop battery was damaged due to charging failure, alteration, negligence, abuse, accident, improper installation or freezing.
• If it is from another merchant.
• It is discharged, and can be recharged and returned to service.
• The battery was misapplied.
• The battery has physical damage present.
All returns are inspected upon receipt for verification.


Refunds: All refunds are issued in the same form of payment used in the original transaction within 10 business days of receiving your return.

Return Policy FAQs


1.Can I return or exchange an item?
Yes. Please review our Return Policy above to find out about returns and exchanges.

2. Can I get a refund?
If you are not satisfied with any of our product(s) in any way, we will gladly replace the product(s), or refund your money when the product(s) are returned within 30 days of purchase. After the initial 30 days of purchase, we offer replacements, but no refunds, for defective products up to 1 years from original purchase.
Refunds are issued in the same form of payment as in the original transaction within 10 business days of receiving your return. Please review our Return Policy above for details on how to get a refund.

3. Can I return any product for any reason and receive a full refund?
Yes. We will give you a full refund.




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